Their Genus

Couponabox Manufacture & Ship Quality Pizza Boxes Worldwide. They don’t just produce pizza boxes, they incorporate a value-added system to assist pizzerias and distributors to generate an immediate increase in sales and awareness long after the pizza box has been disposed.

The Brief

To assist Couponabox, Genus Creative deals with each customer who requires their pizza box created. A brief is provided along with their branding, contact information and coupon details.

The Solution

To create new pizza box design for each of Couponabox’s clients. Deliverables include the new pizza box design and new coupons, which are rolled out into different sizes as the individual business grows, to meet the need of the business.

In Their Words
Genus Creative’s work has been nothing less than remarkable. They have an exceptional eye for detail, listens to what their clients want and delivers beyond expectation. Genus Creative is organised, extremely efficient and has a genuine care and passion for their work. Couponabox artwork stands out within the market place due greatly to Genus Creative’s talent, skill and commitment. They are an an extremely rare find and one to be cherished.
George Braoudakis